Felicity Project

Who participates?

The Felicity Project started in April 2001, offering five
days of pure fun and joy to children and teenagers in Brazil
from a less privileged background who suffer from cancer.



 What is the goal of theProject?
To restore selfesteem through happiness and fun and show
these children that they can smile again, their cancer can
be healed, they can play, eat well, and receive love from
people who are willing to love them, but the most important
thing is motivating the children to continue fighting
the disease.


How does the Project work?
During eleven months a year, early Monday morning we
pickup a group of these children. Each child brings two
adults and a younger brother or sister totaling almost fifty
people. Until Friday afternoon, they are accommodated in
hotels (even five stars), visit our wonderful camp,
amusement parks, cinemas, beaches, museums, etc.
accompanied by professionals and duly trained volunteers.
In the evening, after a day filled with surprises and fun,
they are visited by volunteers who come to the hotels to
deliver an art set, books, toys, etc. and make them more
comfortable and also happier after receiving this special
“good night”.
On Friday, activities take place at the Project’s
headquarters, including a performance by two clowns who
act out the highlights of the week with a lot of humor. The
children receive loads of gifts plus a photo album of the
trips and go back to treatment with much more stamina and
the will to survive.
But the Project goes way beyond one week of happiness…


Letter Contacts
Volunteers keep in touch on a permanent basis
through an exchange of letters with the children.
Correspondence is kept up to date in individual
files. These letters have already resulted in the
publication of three books with moving

Birthday Parties
The volunteers bring balloons, candy, cake, drinks
and gifts to every kid within an 80 km of S. Paulo.
This is arranged in advance with the parents or
primary caregiver of the child, without letting the
child know.
The message that each child gets is, “You have not
been forgotten”. Felicity may knock on their door at
any time. They just need to open the door and…

Annual Gettogether
The Project organizes an annual meeting and invites every
child and family who ever took part in the Felicity Project
since it started to spend a whole day at a theme park, have
fun and catch up with friends and volunteers.
The park opens it’s doors for this super party, offering a
full hot meal plus rides, popcorn, cotton candy and joy to
all the kids.


Paradise on Earth
In May 2005 the Felicity Project received 45 acres of land
located 55 minutes from S. Paulo. The camp is located in
S. Lourenço da Serra also called “the city of nature” due
to its vast forests and large amounts of mineral waters.
Here, every child can participate in any activity since
everything is planned and built considering their
Some of the highlights of the camp are:
a) A “train” which are really wooden carriages pulled by a
“locomotive” which transports the children from our
buses when they arrive at gate into the main building and
also takes them all over the camp grounds since some
children can’t walk and others tire very easily.
b) Big wooden “toys” for the playground in order to make
it safer to play.
c) The forest which occupies 60.000 square meters has
paths for those who can walk to see unbelievable scenes
of nature including the source of a natural spring.
d) We have an Ecologic Center where the children see a
water wheel, solar heating, aeolic energy and recycling of
rain water.
e) A small zoo with horses, rabbits, birds, etc.
f) Pony and carriage rides.
g) Pedal boats to ride on one of five lakes.
h) Basketball, tennis and soccer courts.
This is a source of renewal that provides hope, stamina
and joy and leaves remarkable memories.


The Felicity Project also offers tools to expand knowledge
and provide a way to increase monthly income.
These workshops offer free technical courses at our
headquarters and include snacks and lunch.

A number of techniques and materials are used in
craftwork classes: painting ostrich eggs, EVA picture
frames, papiermache,fabric dolls, gift boxes, key holders
and multiuse boxes, jewelry etc.
It is both a relaxing and a constant learning time used to
create beautiful objects that may be sold.



Sewing buttons, fixing hemlines, inserting elastic bands
are tasks when making minor repairs on clothes at home.
But the Felicity Project teaches far more. It supplies a tool
for mothers and kids to learn a craft.
Copying models, detailing fabric dolls, handbags and
clothing items are some of the activities developed in the
context of this course.


Most families have no access to a computer. They think
computers are something complicated but qualified teachers guide
them and change this distorted idea. The classes include learning
useful programs that can introduce them to the labor market.
Word processing, reading the news and sending emails on the internet are some of
the lessons taught in class.




Among the items that have been created in the carpentry
workshop are napkin holders, picture frames and key
holders, trays, shoeshaped, cellular phone supports,
frames, boxes, etc.
The families use these for decorative purposes or sell to friends.


Brazil Office
Av. Arnolfo Azevedo, 201 • São Paulo, SP • Cep 01236030
• Phone/Fax: (55) 11 38039898
• Email: felicidade@felicidade.org.br